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This is the "June 2016" page of the "WORD OF THE DAY" guide.
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George Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue - Leonard Bernstein, New York Philharmonic (1976





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Word List

Remember that Wednesday of every week is a math word of the day.  This year, the planner has that word in green in keeping with the school’s colors. Teachers are expected to open the class with a SMART objective and to teach the word of the day in every class, every period, preferably at the beginning of the period.


June 1

co-function- (co ‘func shen)

(noun)- a trigonometric function whose value for the complement of an angle is equal to the value of a given trigonometric function of the angle itself.

The sine of 30 degrees is the co-function of the cosine of 60 degrees. (Remember 30 and 60 are complements)


June 2

 rhapsody- (‘rap se de)

(noun)- a piece of music that is meant to express a lot of emotion and does not have a regular form; a written or spoken expression of great enthusiasm

The mayor launched into a long rhapsody about her plans for the city.


June 3

medley- (‘med le)

(noun)- a musical piece made up of parts of other musical works; a mixture of different people or things

The play opened with a medley of show tunes from the ‘60s.


June 6

hodgepodge- (‘haj  paj)

(noun)- a mixture of different things

The exhibit was a hodgepodge of mediocre art, bad art, and really bad art.


June 7

impetuous- (im ‘pet chu es)

(adjective)- acting or doing something quickly and without thought

In one episode of “The Sopranos” Christopher Moltisanti tries to write a screen play in the hours when he is not ribbing trucks or buying cannolis for Tony.


June 8

constraint- (con ‘straint)

a limitation or restriction. A constraint in the mathematical sense is a limitation usually imposed upon on either the domain of a function (what can be put into the function) or the range of the function. For example, “find the solution(s) to the equation x^2 = 9 when x>0."

The "x>0" part is a constraint because it limits the answers to positive numbers only.


June 9

pliable (‘pli e bel)-

(adjective) - able to bend, fold, or twist easily

Because the leather was so pliable, it was easy to work with.


June 10

eccentricity- (ek sen ‘tri se te)

(noun)- the quality of being strange or unusual in behavior

Some people were not very tolerant of his eccentricities.


June 13

mesmerism- (‘mez me ri zem)

(noun)- hypnotic induction held to involve animal magnetism; hypnotic

The traveling salesman made a living at mesmerism and the selling of medical remedies of dubious value.


June 14-

histogram- (‘his toe gram)

(noun)-  a graphical display where the data is grouped into ranges (such as "40 to 49", "50 to 59", etc), and then plotted as bars.

The students found the trees in the orchard varied in height from 100 cm to 350 cm and made a histogram putting the results in groups of 50 cm.


June 15

meander-(me ‘an der)

(verb)- a winding path or course; a labyrinth

Every teacher hopes that, during the summer, students’ minds do not meander too far from what they have been taught during the school year.

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Meander By Anjana Dutt

Leaves blown asunder

Like images from a dream.

Rushing to journeys end

In life’s endless stream.

Undercurrents swirling

Dark as a cloudy day

Smooth as silk above

Warmed by the morning ray.

There comes a meander, a bend

In life’s sinuous watercourse.

An aimless idle blimp

A wander with no purpose.

Sparkling, unexpected

An unplanned leap of faith

Breaking the ennui and flow

Of life and death and fate.




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